Katie Bell First Birthday

I love heirlooms. I love the tradition where photographs are handed down to future generations. I love the thought that children will look back on these photos and smile as their parents retell the event. I consider myself a classic photographer in that I don’t do a lot of high editing. I want these pictures to stand the test of time and really capture a moment in time. I definitely think there is a place for more whimsical and crafted creations. I just like to shoot in a more realistic lifestyle way. This session was definitely a classic.  Katie Bell’s mom wanted to do something that she would cherish for years to come. So we incorporated her grandmothers and her mom. What a legacy to have pictures taken with the strong women that you came from. We also did a few pictures of her in a dedication gown that was her mother’s and one day she might have her daughter wear. I hope she treasures these pictures and has sweet memories attached to each face. It was an honor to get to photograph these for y’all.

August 18, 2018

  1. Kay Tohill says:

    Mary, what a beautiful blessing these wonderful pictures will be for you and your family. You have a gorgeous daughter, I’m so Fortunate to have seen these pictures. You, your daughter and your beautiful mother and mother-in-law took such awesome pictures. Such a precious gift for you to have and to pass on to your daughter and her husband one day.

  2. Paula Caskey says:

    Oh, Mary! These are priceless!

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